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what lights up your lifeThe need to optimise my time —a challenge faced by one and all— led to the decision to move my blog to www.mereon.org/ .  I would love to have you follow my work there.

Noble Thoughts & Human thinking

Life is in the crosshairs.

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The weapons we’ve created have placed us at a crossroads in our evolution. Remembering and recovering knowledge that’s been lost, forgotten or stolen is critical because we are standing in the middle of an intersection where too many lights are blinking on and off. All this distraction is preventing us from realising that the Light that illumines the truth of what truly matters is being hidden.

The scales of justice make it all too clear that ignorance outweighs wisdom even though humanity has the intelligence to fix what ails us. What’s missing is the willingness to cooperate and actually produce good, deliberate resolve necessary to innovate and identify true solutions.

My perspective is that a reasonable —and good— first step is to consider a new definition for the term ’Thought’. I’ve long realised that there’s a difference between a ‘Thought’ —capitalisation intentional— and my thinking.

Pause for a moment and recall your last “Ah ha…” experience, an event that defined a moment of insight, an instance where something true enlightened your being. Neurologically, they occur when your brain exits a theta state. When you enter into alpha you become aware that an idea, a treasure, used you as transportation over that threshold. Such a gift is yours to open. The opportunity is to remember that you cannot afford to think such a precious gift to death.

I’ve long entertain the notion that a ‘Thought’ isn’t something we’re smart enough to think up. What if it is insight that rides a Divine impulse into our conscience? If so, it’s up to us whether or not we let it blossom into conscious awareness.

When you are engaged with stillness divine Thoughts ride beside your breath, insight carried through space to emerge into conscious awareness in time.

What is possible if you allow yourself to feel this pulse and let it prompt remembrance? What would happen if you remembered that rather than letting it slip away like most dreams? What if such a thought is an atonement that frees you to harmonise with the essence of all that Is? 


OM: Connecting Heaven & Earth


Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old, and it’s sobering to realise we only appeared on the scene in time to celebrate her 4.58 billionth birthday. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that the only reason we’re here is because Earth had a chance encounter with a big space rock some 65 million years ago. Furthermore, this event made you a member of a unique club, one of the only surviving hominids. Realising we have participated in only 0.04% of Gaia’s existence, and she is suffering on our watch because of us is heartbreaking.

Just as your cells were formed, your body, heart and attitudes are continually being rearranged in time. In a singular process they open, push, fold, divide, close, multiply, re-blend, unfold and reopen time and again. The Mereon Matrix offers a simple understanding about how your complex cosmic blender works. What this means is you can clean and clear your karma in this lifetime. What it takes is deciding what truly matters in your life and then doing whatever it takes to make a positive difference in yourself. Doing so leads to incredible, and often unimaginable, benefits.

It’s Time to revive our person and collective conscience, and to employ conscious awareness so we can cooperate with the source of all creation to expand the Field of Consciousness and become catalysts for positive change.

While Gaia will heal, doing so is our only hope for survival. William Shakespeare understood this, memorialised in his words, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

To learn more about how you can learn to apply this knowledge, transforming your starstuff and becoming a catalyst for positive change, connect with us at LYNNCLARITY.LOVE.


ReThinking Starstuff & Stuff that Glitters

It’s Time: Day Five (a Saturday morning perspective)

arto-marttinen-196643A Heavenly Fact

Every atom of your being formed at the heart of a star, and a remarkable co-creative process transformed this cosmic glitter into who you are and all you see.

A Human Reflection

Might these embers of stardust be the iridescence beauty that invades your dreams, lighting up the waiting room for what is yet to be?

Reality Bites

My cat’s litter box taught me an important lesson about things that glisten in the sunshine; high quality sand does a great job of masking stink and hiding shit, but moving it reveals it for what it is. A ‘phosphorescent’ personality does not mean ‘illumined’. Phantoms often wrap themselves in light, shadows hiding in plain sight looking for somewhere to make a mess.

Earned Wisdom

Scars are evidence of a healed wound. Remember that while light is attractive it doesn’t always just attract light. Keep your heart open and your bullshit detector on when there’s glitter in the air.


Can we please stop making karmic messes and expecting someone else to clean it up?


The soap of self-forgiveness is in your hands and the karmic laundry never closes.

A Heavenly Fact

Every atom of your being formed at the heart of a star, and a remarkable co-creative process transformed this cosmic glitter into who you are and all you see.

MAYDAY! or May Day?


Conscious awareness steam rolled me on May Day 2017. When workers and kids the world over were celebrating spring, singing and dancing around a May Pole, my spirit —a voice that usually whispers in my dreams— started screaming “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!” Headlines left me reeling, and knocked down by a wave of insanity made me realise that it was time to take this work to a new level.

Multi-directional tsunamis of change are hitting the shores of our existence, and while the initial damage is obvious,  the extent of the devastation has yet to be revealed. The shakeups have just started and to endure it’s time to turn and run for high ground. It’s here that we will find the perspectives we desperately need, and be able to determine the clearest path forward.

Stephen Hawking says you’re nothing more than an evolved monkey hanging out on a inconsequential planet that’s spinning around a mediocre star. While this is true, his assertion that you can understand the Universe and that makes you very special is a far greater truth.  It resonates with Einstein’s realisation that gave me to the courage to continue to live on purpose; his sense that the most unbelievable thing about our universe is that because we’re actually a whole part of it, that we have what it takes to figure out how it works and actually work it.

The Doomsday Clock says it’s 2 minutes and 30 seconds before Midnight, the day our ride on this glorious planet comes to an abrupt end. For some it will be instantaneous, but most will experiences the paradox of a fast and prolonged painful death. As she heals from this extinction level event, Gaia will be unable to carry only a few survivors. Every day it becomes clearer how anthropocentric arrogance and greed has put on the razor’s edge, taking us ever closer to falling over the cusp of failure. All it takes is one narcissistic act and everyone will be pushed over as a singular and epic moral failure end this glorious experience we call life. Such a ‘bang’ will reform our starstuff once again, carrying us into our mysterious ‘Next’. Is our fate to be the ultimate inside job?

The evidence is clear that we stand on the threshold of awakening. For this reason I dare to ask; 

If you had the Divine formulae for the elixir that let you become fully human would you mix it and drink it? If you had the formulae for Love would you dare to make it? If you had the blueprint for building loving relationships that had the strength to endure would you build one? What would you bring to each of your relationships that would make it constant even thought each had richly textured differences and was continuously changing?

Dying was a life-changing experience that transformed my life. Discovering that death wasn’t the end blew open my heart, lifting me to a new perspective where every belief and attitude was altered. It wasn’t easy to come back, but I made a promise I intended to keep: to remember the ingredients that transformed my inner world and let me heal from injuries they said would soon kill me.

This series a cry for help, both human and Divine, as alarms going off everywhere make it clear why It’s Time for us to abandon fear, wake up, get up and start walking, using our hands to work to make a positive difference. This knowledge opens us to hearing to understanding what it feels like and means to be human. Its logic lets us appreciate how every one of us is a divine part that makes a Divine Whole. The glorious blue planet we call Home —and all life— is in imminent and mortal danger. It’s Time to bring our competencies and compassion together to harness understanding, logic and wisdom so we can ground our noble ideas in noble values and rebuild our world. You are a whole part of creation, and well and truly living your life means to continuously explore and evolve who you are.

What would it mean to know you’re not dying of terminal uniqueness? How would your life change to be authentic individual and part of a team of conscious change agents who know how to do whatever needs to be done?

Not a day goes by where I’m not asked to sign a petition for something, or donate to a noble cause. I often do so even though I know it isn’t enough. With our new book soon to be released, it’s time to co-create, innovate, experience and become a whole part of Transformation. Together is the only way we can rebuild our world. It starts with understanding and expanding our relationships from inside out. To this end, please accept my invitation to connect with a group of remarkable people as we make responsive call to coherent action at  LYNNCLARITY.LOVE.

Receive the gifts life offers you today, using what Is to make the day great!  

Tomorrow: Starstuff and things that Sparkle

REALationship: Knowership Replacing Ownership

It’s Time: Day Three


A realationship is where participants freely engage from authenticity. All are growing to know themselves —a lifelong relationship— and are willing to be known and know another for who they are. Knowing your truth opens the flow of Loving and permits you to celebrate true unity while being wholly ‘ingaged’ with others who are as unique as you! Together you are the harmony and the melody, your spirits constantly attuning by and with the Universal Symphony.

Modern science, the matrix known as Mereon, has opened new light on ancient wisdom. From my feet, it is pure grace to know how it demonstrates a way for even a child to understand that the Source of creation is in constant communication with it creation, us, through our subconscious mind.

Listen and you will hear the Soul whispering to your spirit as conscience. Sotto voce, this soft voice echoes across time and space to resonate within you, attuning you so you can harmonise with all that Is. Embrace what you feel is divine, noble, and correct, and grow with this knowing. Remember that when the light and power of that which is true, Loving, blossoms into your conscious awareness, your internal transformation is reflected in your relationships and your world. When you positively respond in time, everything in your life improves.

It’s Time explores how progressive inner growth lets you call an end the processor method of change, where your verbally abused, your body is wounded, your heart chopped, your brain bruised and confused, as time is wasted in ways that pulverise your spirit.

It’s Time to do more than imagine inner peace. It’s time is about learning to experience harmony between every piece of yourself. This is an invitation to dialogue, to explore what it means to participate in the expansion and evolution —transformation—  of the Universal Field of Consciousness, the global Reality we emerged from and share.

Breathe. Listen. Hear. Listen to yourself. Hear what your spirit is saying.

Humanity is on the Threshold of Awakening. A critical mass must wake up to make it safely to the other side of the fast approaching gateway. It is time prepare to open the Door, to meet and embrace the Love that awaits us as East passes through West.

You are enough. You are smart enough. You are good enough. You are deserving. You are worthy.

You are LOVE.

Learn more at http://www.mereon.org