REALationship: Knowership Replacing Ownership

It’s Time: Day Three


A realationship is where participants freely engage from authenticity. All are growing to know themselves —a lifelong relationship— and are willing to be known and know another for who they are. Knowing your truth opens the flow of Loving and permits you to celebrate true unity while being wholly ‘ingaged’ with others who are as unique as you! Together you are the harmony and the melody, your spirits constantly attuning by and with the Universal Symphony.

Modern science, the matrix known as Mereon, has opened new light on ancient wisdom. From my feet, it is pure grace to know how it demonstrates a way for even a child to understand that the Source of creation is in constant communication with it creation, us, through our subconscious mind.

Listen and you will hear the Soul whispering to your spirit as conscience. Sotto voce, this soft voice echoes across time and space to resonate within you, attuning you so you can harmonise with all that Is. Embrace what you feel is divine, noble, and correct, and grow with this knowing. Remember that when the light and power of that which is true, Loving, blossoms into your conscious awareness, your internal transformation is reflected in your relationships and your world. When you positively respond in time, everything in your life improves.

It’s Time explores how progressive inner growth lets you call an end the processor method of change, where your verbally abused, your body is wounded, your heart chopped, your brain bruised and confused, as time is wasted in ways that pulverise your spirit.

It’s Time to do more than imagine inner peace. It’s time is about learning to experience harmony between every piece of yourself. This is an invitation to dialogue, to explore what it means to participate in the expansion and evolution —transformation—  of the Universal Field of Consciousness, the global Reality we emerged from and share.

Breathe. Listen. Hear. Listen to yourself. Hear what your spirit is saying.

Humanity is on the Threshold of Awakening. A critical mass must wake up to make it safely to the other side of the fast approaching gateway. It is time prepare to open the Door, to meet and embrace the Love that awaits us as East passes through West.

You are enough. You are smart enough. You are good enough. You are deserving. You are worthy.

You are LOVE.

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