OM: Connecting Heaven & Earth


Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old, and it’s sobering to realise we only appeared on the scene in time to celebrate her 4.58 billionth birthday. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that the only reason we’re here is because Earth had a chance encounter with a big space rock some 65 million years ago. Furthermore, this event made you a member of a unique club, one of the only surviving hominids. Realising we have participated in only 0.04% of Gaia’s existence, and she is suffering on our watch because of us is heartbreaking.

Just as your cells were formed, your body, heart and attitudes are continually being rearranged in time. In a singular process they open, push, fold, divide, close, multiply, re-blend, unfold and reopen time and again. The Mereon Matrix offers a simple understanding about how your complex cosmic blender works. What this means is you can clean and clear your karma in this lifetime. What it takes is deciding what truly matters in your life and then doing whatever it takes to make a positive difference in yourself. Doing so leads to incredible, and often unimaginable, benefits.

It’s Time to revive our person and collective conscience, and to employ conscious awareness so we can cooperate with the source of all creation to expand the Field of Consciousness and become catalysts for positive change.

While Gaia will heal, doing so is our only hope for survival. William Shakespeare understood this, memorialised in his words, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

To learn more about how you can learn to apply this knowledge, transforming your starstuff and becoming a catalyst for positive change, connect with us at LYNNCLARITY.LOVE.



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