Noble Thoughts & Human thinking

Life is in the crosshairs.

death ever present copy

The weapons we’ve created have placed us at a crossroads in our evolution. Remembering and recovering knowledge that’s been lost, forgotten or stolen is critical because we are standing in the middle of an intersection where too many lights are blinking on and off. All this distraction is preventing us from realising that the Light that illumines the truth of what truly matters is being hidden.

The scales of justice make it all too clear that ignorance outweighs wisdom even though humanity has the intelligence to fix what ails us. What’s missing is the willingness to cooperate and actually produce good, deliberate resolve necessary to innovate and identify true solutions.

My perspective is that a reasonable —and good— first step is to consider a new definition for the term ’Thought’. I’ve long realised that there’s a difference between a ‘Thought’ —capitalisation intentional— and my thinking.

Pause for a moment and recall your last “Ah ha…” experience, an event that defined a moment of insight, an instance where something true enlightened your being. Neurologically, they occur when your brain exits a theta state. When you enter into alpha you become aware that an idea, a treasure, used you as transportation over that threshold. Such a gift is yours to open. The opportunity is to remember that you cannot afford to think such a precious gift to death.

I’ve long entertain the notion that a ‘Thought’ isn’t something we’re smart enough to think up. What if it is insight that rides a Divine impulse into our conscience? If so, it’s up to us whether or not we let it blossom into conscious awareness.

When you are engaged with stillness divine Thoughts ride beside your breath, insight carried through space to emerge into conscious awareness in time.

What is possible if you allow yourself to feel this pulse and let it prompt remembrance? What would happen if you remembered that rather than letting it slip away like most dreams? What if such a thought is an atonement that frees you to harmonise with the essence of all that Is? 



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