Patients and Patience in the Eternal Presence of Healing


January 15, 2016 was the 29th anniversary of my first dance with the arching angles of Death. This initial experience of dying did far more than change my ideas about living; gone was the fear of death hammered into me by family, preachers and supposed teachers; in an instant my terror of being misunderstood, judged and a verdict rendered “Unworthy”, evaporated. In its place was the engulfing presence of unconditional compassion whose veracity catalysed the unassailable realisation that the life I had erroneously thought I was living was pure fiction. My absolute reluctance to return was only slightly weaker than the intent of one who was determined to pull me back.

Three weeks later, my heart stopped again, this time for no discernible reason. Au contraire. In an experience many consider a ‘dream’ I was presented with a choice; that I could live or go home, die. It was not an easy decision then, and today thinking about that moment causes tears to overflow… Eternity, no time and timelessness….. So it is that this weekend brings me to what is perhaps the most important anniversary in my life. 07 February, its 29-years since that cold night in Chicago when I said ‘Yes’, agreeing to stay. Simply put, dying gave me my reason for living.

Those who know me best know that keeping my commitment has come at a high cost, a price most would be unwilling to pay.

The video you will see here may help you understand why I have never wavered. Dr. Christopher Kerr is one of my new ‘heroes’, spending day after day nurturing those who are dying, and in their progress he has been embraced by pure grace. I share his message and stories with more than a modicum of hope that hearing his words might help some of those I love understand why doing what I do has never been an option. Many espouse the belief that God is the single most important factor in their lives; consulted in every decision they make. Tragically, examination of the evidence leaves me wondering what happened to Love? even though their lives present evidence to the contrary.

Thankfully, my NDEs are no longer anecdotal, and what I experienced —the Mereon Matrix— was retrieved and is daily being further recalled and constructed. It continues to provide evidence that we are walking a living continuum, knowledge that supports the growing realisation that life continues beyond what we think of as ‘dying’. This video was a powerful reminder of why I am able to keep on keeping on despite many emotional ‘deaths’, pain, personal loss and ongoing grief caused by emotional paper-cuts. Choosing to live and speak what is true for me, mapping what is to date the simplest known ligature, connection of Love, has led to my being severed from former friends and dearly loved relatives. While I am the first to admit that there are that the sorrow feels never-ending, thankfully, being free to express my sadness, and powerful reminders such as this video carry me through, living a life filled with breakthroughs rather than the breakdown some might ‘wish’.

Sadly, love is too often conditional, relative to what we say or do. Perhaps if our relatives and those we love understood relativity, that the laws of physics, how things, including loving relationships work, are the same everywhere, our lives might change as well as how we live every breath on the edge of death whether we like it or not.


Unconditional Love

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Entertaining Angles Aware

I’ve learned that life is filled to overflowing with opportunities that can only be considered ‘magical’ or ‘miraculous’. When you experience one such moment your life is transformed and you learn to tune in, never wanting to miss another.

Yesterday was filled with many of those moments. It started when I woke up, and the instant I turned on the bedroom lamp the lightbulb exploded. It turned out that the lamp was ‘fried’. An hour later when it happened again, the ‘message’ seemed clear; Pay attention! When energy starts blowing out, I’ve learned to take it as an emotional heads up…


Yesterday was filled with many of those moments. It started when I woke up, and the instant I turned on the bedroom lamp the lightbulb exploded. It turned out that the lamp was ‘fried’. An hour later when it happened again, the ‘message’ seemed clear; Pay attention! When energy starts blowing out, I’ve learned to take it as an emotional heads up…

The day before, I’d scheduled a Skype call with my friend Elmer, forgetting that it was the same time that guests from out of town were due to arrive. But connecting with him was an absolute priority, and so I was continually checking my email to confirm the call with his beloved wife Anne, and struggling to focus while doing my best to not to burn the evening meal that was far more complicated than it ought to have been given the circumstances.
I was in the kitchen with my friends Jahnavi and Marylou, when two things happened; first, the energy in the room suddenly felt electrified, a sense that made all of us aware that ‘something’ was going on. It was then that I clearly heard Elmer say “Hey Lynnclaire.”

Telling them what happened, while neither Jahnavi nor Marylou heard him, without discounting my experience, I suggested that our guests might have arrived. They hadn’t, but it seemed certain that Elmer had.

The evening progressed and no email came to confirm the Skype call. Shortly after my guests left for their hotel, I opened my email to find a note from Anne that came in at 18.14. My energy dissolved reading her simple words telling me that Elmer passed at 9 AM their time, 17.00 mine; the exact moment when Elmer’s energy appeared in the kitchen and he called my name.

That he made a house call, stopping by to say farewell came as a surprise to no one. It remains an experience of grace, one for which I will be forever grateful. In the highest sense, it was an example of synchronicity, which for me is when human will, two or more, and the Divine spirit agree, and then come together to cooperate in what is most surely the work of regeneration. In this instance synchronicity produced an opportunity for closure, a chance to say hello and goodbye. All I can say is that for the Universe to take Elmer Schettler at this time means there’s a big job that needs big boots and an incredible heart to accomplish. That he rode the arc of Love from the red rocks of Sedona to Switzerland’s Alps for a cosmic hug, was a remarkable ending that sent us both towards a new beginning.

Strangly enough, today every time I’ve touched a lamp the bulb has instantly blown out… Sharing this with Anne I learned that recently a friend gave Elmer a new nickname because he kept coming up with all manner of ideas… The name? “Lightbulb”

Pay attention. You never know who may be waiting to greet you.

Politics has me rethinking ‘Integrity’

gabrielleWeaving Creation… a still evolving triptych…

 My recent trip to the East Coast of the US was mentally exhausting due in part to the media constantly nattering about what seems utterly un-newsworthy. The worst of it was the presidential election over a year away. Weary of the overexposure to this unreal realm, I bought a new book and turned off the television for the duration.

Upon reflection, what I found stunning was how the ‘players’, a few gargantuan egos — Continue reading Politics has me rethinking ‘Integrity’

The Knot and Thou Shalt Nots

14 9 2015 diablogueWhile Helen Keller’s quote speaks of sight and touch, there is a piece of our soul who hears. When that aspect of my spirit ‘ingages’ with the Silence, a knowing arises that hints that what ‘may be’, is pure, non-logical to some, but certainly not nonsense.

Find the courage, grand heart, to reside in your heart and to flow with the pulse that issues from the Source of all life. We are all connected in what is surely the ultimate Love Knot. To do so consciously is to experience the rich and true sense of feeling known, and of knowing. Such a gift has a divine presence and transcends all ‘normal’ senses.