OM: Connecting Heaven & Earth


Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old, and it’s sobering to realise we only appeared on the scene in time to celebrate her 4.58 billionth birthday. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that the only reason we’re here is because Earth had a chance encounter with a big space rock some 65 million years ago. Furthermore, this event made you a member of a unique club, one of the only surviving hominids. Realising we have participated in only 0.04% of Gaia’s existence, and she is suffering on our watch because of us is heartbreaking.

Just as your cells were formed, your body, heart and attitudes are continually being rearranged in time. In a singular process they open, push, fold, divide, close, multiply, re-blend, unfold and reopen time and again. The Mereon Matrix offers a simple understanding about how your complex cosmic blender works. What this means is you can clean and clear your karma in this lifetime. What it takes is deciding what truly matters in your life and then doing whatever it takes to make a positive difference in yourself. Doing so leads to incredible, and often unimaginable, benefits.

It’s Time to revive our person and collective conscience, and to employ conscious awareness so we can cooperate with the source of all creation to expand the Field of Consciousness and become catalysts for positive change.

While Gaia will heal, doing so is our only hope for survival. William Shakespeare understood this, memorialised in his words, “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

To learn more about how you can learn to apply this knowledge, transforming your starstuff and becoming a catalyst for positive change, connect with us at LYNNCLARITY.LOVE.



Patients and Patience in the Eternal Presence of Healing


January 15, 2016 was the 29th anniversary of my first dance with the arching angles of Death. This initial experience of dying did far more than change my ideas about living; gone was the fear of death hammered into me by family, preachers and supposed teachers; in an instant my terror of being misunderstood, judged and a verdict rendered “Unworthy”, evaporated. In its place was the engulfing presence of unconditional compassion whose veracity catalysed the unassailable realisation that the life I had erroneously thought I was living was pure fiction. My absolute reluctance to return was only slightly weaker than the intent of one who was determined to pull me back.

Three weeks later, my heart stopped again, this time for no discernible reason. Au contraire. In an experience many consider a ‘dream’ I was presented with a choice; that I could live or go home, die. It was not an easy decision then, and today thinking about that moment causes tears to overflow… Eternity, no time and timelessness….. So it is that this weekend brings me to what is perhaps the most important anniversary in my life. 07 February, its 29-years since that cold night in Chicago when I said ‘Yes’, agreeing to stay. Simply put, dying gave me my reason for living.

Those who know me best know that keeping my commitment has come at a high cost, a price most would be unwilling to pay.

The video you will see here may help you understand why I have never wavered. Dr. Christopher Kerr is one of my new ‘heroes’, spending day after day nurturing those who are dying, and in their progress he has been embraced by pure grace. I share his message and stories with more than a modicum of hope that hearing his words might help some of those I love understand why doing what I do has never been an option. Many espouse the belief that God is the single most important factor in their lives; consulted in every decision they make. Tragically, examination of the evidence leaves me wondering what happened to Love? even though their lives present evidence to the contrary.

Thankfully, my NDEs are no longer anecdotal, and what I experienced —the Mereon Matrix— was retrieved and is daily being further recalled and constructed. It continues to provide evidence that we are walking a living continuum, knowledge that supports the growing realisation that life continues beyond what we think of as ‘dying’. This video was a powerful reminder of why I am able to keep on keeping on despite many emotional ‘deaths’, pain, personal loss and ongoing grief caused by emotional paper-cuts. Choosing to live and speak what is true for me, mapping what is to date the simplest known ligature, connection of Love, has led to my being severed from former friends and dearly loved relatives. While I am the first to admit that there are that the sorrow feels never-ending, thankfully, being free to express my sadness, and powerful reminders such as this video carry me through, living a life filled with breakthroughs rather than the breakdown some might ‘wish’.

Sadly, love is too often conditional, relative to what we say or do. Perhaps if our relatives and those we love understood relativity, that the laws of physics, how things, including loving relationships work, are the same everywhere, our lives might change as well as how we live every breath on the edge of death whether we like it or not.

Beauty: Fuel for the Spirit

grand treesLast month I was with dear friends in Anstruther, Scotland, where so many roads were lined with huge trees, their branches continuously reshaped by the sweeping winds that buffet the coast.

Remembering the moment I took this photograph led to contemplation, and what became clearer still is how life’s ‘sunny days’ and it’s storms transform us. Some events are healing, while others bruise our bodies But what is truer still is that both have the power to open our hearts and clear our attitudes, embuing our spirit with the strength and courage to willingingly evolve.

What is ‘fuel’ for your body?

What nurtures your heart?

What opens you to considering a new perspective?

How will you make space and time for yourself today?

Identify a morsel of grandeur, something for which you are deeply grateful, and celebrate it today!

ReThinking ‘Mindfulness’

rethinking mindfulness

This is a very powerful article, and relevant to 3 decades of work on the Mereon Matrix.

The video at this link shows how the Mereon Matrix and the simplest form of connection, the Mereon Trefoil knot that is tied by both the complexly dynamic geometric spheres that define the Matrix, is generated by its ‘Prime Frequency’, less than 8Hz. An inaudible Theta brain wave frequency, our work has demonstrated that this precise Pattern is found in the electroencephalogram of meditators, present when  we cymatically image it in water. What’s more, it also occurs naturally in the sounds of a healthy human heart.

Clearly, this article supports our hypothesis that there is a strong relationship between life, and meditation, contemplation, creativity and innovation, and I dare to say, Love.


29 september 2015 diablogueRemember that what happens in your life happens to you, and it isn’t necessarily about you. What you make of what ‘was’ reveal the qualities of your spirit, and it is this that defines the quality of your lifetime.

Make gratitude your Number 1 attitude and change instantly becomes transformation!