Divine Architecture & the Art of being Human

It’s Time: Day Two

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The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings. Albert Schweitzer

It’s Time is an invitation to accept your living legacy, the dynamic knowledge of life that flows from Love. Retrieved from a space few have experienced, death, this unknown place is feared by most almost as much they dread any unknown, be it the next breath, tomorrow or a new love. It’s Time presents a new understanding of Love that is logical, meaningful and measurable. A living language, Loving applies to realationsips —innerpersonal and interpersonal— and does not extend to or include sappy feelings about chocolate or French fries or sentimental walks on the beach at sunset, wonderful though all may be.

If you are into sacred geometry, you will see how this geometric system —architectural logic— dynamically links living and life-like systems unifying every form.  We will consider how energy —not a living thing, nothing— formed into something, flowing and growing until it became you. I’ll introduce the blueprint that shows how to build an authentic life, grow healthy relationships, and develop vibrant organisations, where the vision and values are coherent and lead to amazing results. We’re going to walk the simplest ‘path’ to see how it navigates the flow of Time and directs those who dare to walk it deep into the Zone. If you’ve longed for a simple and coherent way to connect your every day concurrent realities, yearned to understand the wholeness in what is local and what is global; to make sense of the relationship between your body and spirit as your ride your feelings through time, and you’re ready to move your dreams into life, follow the RSS feed. While it is wonderful to see that you’re following the blog, it would be mutually far more meaningful to engage in a dialogue either through your comments or connecting through www.mereon.org.


It’s Time.

189a copy 2It’s Time is a white paper, a personal perspective on the import of the work known as the Mereon Matrix. Our knowledge of this matrix has evolved over thirty-years, and it is sheer grace that our understanding continues to unfold.

Why is this paper important? Because it brings high level science down to a level where you can understand it. My plan is to post it here as a series for the next few months. My hope is that you will make this a responsive reading.

In 2012 my colleague Louis Kauffman wrote, “For whatever Mereon really is, she is our link with the creative process at the heart of the universe.’ and extended it by saying, ‘What this means is that if the geometric universe is a dodecahedral space, then the universe is constructed from the Trefoil knot by the unfolding of a five-fold symmetry. In that case, the Mereon Trefoil would be a cosmic loop around the whole universe and we could say that knot theory is universally applicable.”

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