When the Light is behind you…

When the Light is behind you...


A Grassroots Fire in the Field of Consciousness

Too many are invested in keeping humanity locked into the status quo, a state of being that never was.

The power of transformation is found in fundamental architecture of the virus! Think about it; scientists don’t have a cure for the common cold because they don’t know how to transform it. All their work is going to kill it rather than to reform it by letting it know its true role in a healthy living system.

The Mereon Matrix is showing us that we all BeLong. By catching the virus of Love we can turn the Key and free ourselves.

What are you willing to do to catalyse exponential growth? What is healing, mindfulness, meditation and transformation worth to you?

A simple ‘Yes’ can start a Grassroots Fire that ignites the Light of Consciousness. When it begins to burn within enough hearts and minds it cannot be extinguished for no one knows where it will burst forth again! To help make Love Contagious, visit us now and we can begin to plan a family reunion!

Imagine singing your way to healing...
Imagine singing your way to healing…

BeLonging is a contagion of Love for which there is, thankfully, no cure!



This beautiful cedar is hundreds of years old and stands like a guardian over the home of friends. It would take at least fifty people holding hands to encircle its base.

Who and what is guardian of your life? How many people encircle body, heart and mind and ensure your well being?

If you can name one, consider yourself well and truly blessed.