Tuesday? It must be Milan

sonic silkO-Dark30 came early, 04:30 to be precise, another travel day as I make my way to San Francisco for a couple of days and then up to the splendor of Lake Tahoe. While Purpose driven, this time has been intentionally carved out for some self-care and to spend time with friends and family.

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Sounds and faces on The Path

20 january 2016Where will you walk today?

Who will you invite to walk beside you?

Will someone you encounter see something in your face or tone of voice that makes them smile or even want to turn around?

Think about how it is that our mere presence on the Path of Life takes us to new spaces that inspire our spirit. Find something today that gives you the strength to walk towards a place of understanding.

You never know who might follow.

Finishing what we begin

One of the most wonderful feelings has to be that of ‘completion’, finishing something that we begin.

in my mothers garden doneToday I finished a triptic that I began this fall entitled “In my mother’s Garden”. The truth is it often felt like this piece was doing something to me far more than I was painting it. A ‘memory picture’ it was inspired by a photograph I took outside my parent’s kitchen window the last time I saw my Mom. It was early spring, and that day the first fern broke through the still crusty earth.

Hanging in my dining room, this piece serves as a reminder that as we open and unfurl to reach for the light we experience growth. It reminds me that what I grow in my life generates the seeds that will grow into our Future.

What’s growing in your life? Are you ready to harvest the potential?

Love from Scotland

I feel so blessed this day to be celebrating with mentors in Scotland, two remarkable souls who are the most beautiful of ‘swans’; Dr. John Ceres Amson and Dr. Christine Crow, you are my heroes… Here in your  life affirming home, I feel safe and at home, every moment a holiday! 4

Tomorrow pictures of the at the Manse and the Magic of Anstruther!

Glowing with the Flow

pool of lightMonths of travel, covering thousands of kilometers by air, and hundreds more by train and car, is a soul refining opportunity. Now able to be still for a few days, finds my heart and spirit overflowing with gratitude for a remarkable stream of ‘reunions’ with open-hearted individuals who are committed to using their talents to make positive differences in the world we are so privileged to share.

We receive gifts and leave ‘pieces’ of ourselves wherever we go, our intent imprinting on all we touch.

Be gentle with yourself, and others.